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The Sardinian Cavalcade

The Cavalcata Sarda is one of the most picturesque and traditional events in Sardinia, which celebrates the cultural identity and traditions of the island. This event, which takes place in Sassari every year on the last Sunday of May, represents a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the art, history and customs of this splendid Italian region.

History and Origins of the Sardinian Cavalcade

The Cavalcata Sarda was created in 1899 to honor the visit to Sassari of King Umberto I and Queen Margherita of Savoy. The event was so successful that the local community decided to repeat it annually, transforming it into a fixed event to celebrate and preserve Sardinian culture. Since then, the event has continued to grow, attracting not only Sardinians but also tourists from all over the world, eager to discover the authentic traditions of the island.

Elements and Procedure of the Ride

The Cavalcata Sarda opens with a parade in which hundreds of knights and riders from all over the Sardinian territory participate, dressed in magnificent traditional costumes, richly decorated and full of colour. Each costume reflects the style and history of the village or city of origin, making the event a true historical and folkloristic fashion show.

During the parade, participants perform "su passu" and "sa remada", two types of gallops that showcase the skill of the riders. The performances also include "sa sortija", a traditional equestrian game in which riders, with great skill, must thread a small pole into a suspended ring.

Music and Dance

Music plays a crucial role in the Cavalcade, with the presence of groups playing traditional instruments such as launeddas and accordions. Folk dances, such as the famous Sardinian dance, are another highlight of the event, performed by folk groups showing traditional dances from different areas of the island.

Cultural Meaning and Social Impact

The Cavalcata is not just an event to preserve and celebrate Sardinian traditions; it is also an opportunity to strengthen the sense of community and pride among Sardinians. It strengthens cultural identity and offers a platform to pass on these traditions to new generations.

The Sardinian Cavalcade in the Modern Context

In the modern era, the Cavalcata Sarda has also taken on a significant role in regional tourism. The event attracts thousands of visitors who contribute significantly to the local economy. Furthermore, it has been the subject of numerous studies and documentaries that aim to explore and preserve Sardinia's rich cultural heritage.

Sources and References

To delve deeper into the history and traditions of the Sardinian Cavalcade, you can consult academic works and articles available in local libraries or on online databases specialized in cultural and anthropological studies. Websites dedicated to Sardinian tourism, such as SardegnaTurismo, offer specific sections on the event, providing updated details and annual programs.


The Cavalcata Sarda is not just a party; it is a vivid legacy of an island that has preserved its traditions with pride and passion. It invites everyone, residents and tourists, to participate and witness the beauty and vitality of Sardinian culture.

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